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Say goodbye to paper business cards and embrace a seamless way to share contact info, social media, and more.

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Share Instantly

Instantly share your info with a tap, scan, or send. Share contact info, social media, websites, payment apps, files, videos and more.


Just tap one of our smart products to an iPhone or Android to share without them needing an app.


Use your free, in-app Init QR code with advanced analytics and unlimited scans.


Send your digital business card via text message, email, Airdrop, email signatures, Zoom backgrounds, iPhone widgets and more.

Capture Leads

Capture leads from your profile, then favorite, group, sort, and manage them all in Popl. Sync with CRM’s like Salesforce and HubSpot.

Business Card Scanner

Instantly convert paper business cards into digital connections with our AI-powered scanner.

Lead Capture Mode

Quickly capture leads with fast autofill as soon as you share your profile with others.

Your Info, Saved

Popl automatically sends your info to leads via email and text message so you don't have to. This gets your more replies so you can close more deals.

Export to CRM

Popl is the fastest way to convert in-person connections into CRM leads without any manual data entry.

Yes it works with your CRM!

We integrate directly with Salesforce, HubSpot, Outlook, Zoho and many others.

For Teams

Export all leads collected by your team while keeping track of lead owners, locations, and notes.

Integrate with 4000+ apps

Sync team members from HR platforms, automate data-entry and marketing flows, set up Zapier integrations, the possibilities are endless.

Grow Faster

Make more connections, more leads, and more sales with Popl. Connect online at the moment of meeting, rather than hoping they do later.

Business Intelligence

Access data that allows you to finally measure true ROI of your networking and events.

More Reviews & Engagement

ncrease engagement on social media platforms and gather more 5 star reviews than ever before.

24/7 1-on-1 Support

Create your digital business card to perfection with our 24/7 1-on-1 assistance. We are the only digital business card company that offers this.

best digital business cards
Get a Init product
that works best for you
best digital business cards
Get a Init product
that works best for you
best digital business cards
Get a Init product
that works best for you
best digital business cards
Get a Init product
that works best for you

"From individuals to large teams, we've got you covered - discover our solutions for every professional at every level."

“Manage your digital business cards with ease, whether you’re an individual or part of a team with thousands of members. Our mobile and desktop-ready solutions make it effortless to stay connected and organized.”


“Experience the cutting-edge of best digital business cards – the world’s most advanced solution is here.”


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"Join the thousands of satisfied individuals and teams - discover why people love Init

    Sarah Thompson

    "Init's digital business cards have transformed my networking experience. With a simple tap, I can effortlessly share my professional profile and contact information. It's convenient, eco-friendly, and leaves a lasting impression. Init is a game-changer!"

      Mark Davis

      "Thanks to Init, I have a stunning and customizable digital business card that represents my brand perfectly. It's easy to update and share, and the analytics help me track my networking success. Init is the go-to platform for making a memorable impression."

        Emily Collins

        "Init's digital business cards showcase my work beautifully. With interactive features and easy updates, I can effortlessly share my portfolio and achievements. Init is the future of networking!

          John Ramirez

          "Init's digital business cards have helped me make a lasting impression as a small business owner. Their templates and customization options allow me to create a professional card that stands out. It's been a game-changer for connecting with clients." -

            Lisa Johnson

            "Managing business contacts has never been easier with Init's digital business cards. Everything is securely stored, and smart organization features keep me on top of my networking game. Init is a must-have tool for streamlining connections."

            OUR MISSION

            Revolutionize Your Networking with best digital business cards
            Smart, Eco-Friendly Tech that Saves Time!

            “At Init, we recognized the limitations of traditional paper business cards and outdated contact-sharing methods. As entrepreneurs, we envisioned a better way to connect using technology instead of wasteful paper.

            Today, we offer an all-in-one platform for individuals and teams to effortlessly exchange contact info and bridge the gap between in-person relationships and online connections.

            At the core of our mission is a commitment to sustainability – with init, you can say goodbye to paper business cards and help save forests around the world. Join us in creating a better future for networking and the environment.”

            We see a future where every team and individual can seamlessly connect using our all-in-one platform, bridging the gap between in-person relationships and online connections.

            A huge part of our culture at Init is focusing on sustainable solutions that help the environment. Init uses technology instead of wasteful paper to connect professionals, saving forests around the world. Goodbye paper business cards, hello Init’s best digital business cards.

            "init - the trusted choice of professionals and teams worldwide."

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